Driving through the front gates, the first thing you're aware of is how peaceful it is here. Winding driveways lead through gentle, tree-covered slopes and sweeping lawns to the Odd Fellows Mausoleum. In a setting of tranquility, dignified services are offered to all-without regard to faith or creed. The magnificent stone and marble sanctuary assure each family of a perfect and lasting tribute to the memory of loved ones.

The beauty of our memorial grounds grows with each passing year. Odd Fellows Lawn is nineteen acres of stately trees, delicate patterns of sunlight and shadow, spacious expanses of vibrant greenery.

A long range, carefully planned building program provides a wide choice of honored locations at surprisingly modest cost. Centered in the newly expanded Mausoleum is the beautiful Chapel of Peace. Thoughtfully designed to incorporate natural lighting and serene outdoor views, the Chapel offers indoor crypts and columbarium niches (for those who choose cremation).

Many prefer the enduring protection of crypt entombment in a graceful, outdoor setting. Adjoining the Chapel of Peace are five courts - Faith, Hope, Friendship, Serenity, and Tranquility. Each carefully guards the final resting place while blending with the surrounding beauty of the cemetery grounds.