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Memorial reservations welcome, Affordable term-payment arrangements can be made without interest charges. Thoughtful planning now helps assure adjacent memorial sites and prevents family financial burdens and difficult decisions later.

Our experienced staff strives to meet each requirement, every the lowest possible cost to you.

As a non-profit organization, we offer our services at rates among the lowest anywhere. We invite you to compare.

Ground Burial, Mausoleum Crypts, Cremation Niches and Cremation's in Crypt or Ground.


What is an Endowment Care Fund?
The Endowment Care Fund is a trust fund created by an irrevocable trust agreement, and governed by state law, which holds deposits made by purchasers of memorial property. Contributors to an Endowment Care Fund are not part of the purchase price in the property. These deposits, accumulated together, form the Endowment Care Fund, and the interest of these funds provides for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of the Cemetery.


Interment Options
There are a number of different interment options available, which are dignified and respectful to the Deceased.


Ground / Interments
All ground interments, or plots, can be arranged for a single Burial or a Dual depth to accommodate both husband and wife or any family member at the owner's discretion. A burial vault or liner is required by law to protect the casket and to prevent ground from collapsing when this option is chosen. There are single plots in our inventory, but can accommodate a number of Dual Plots.

Dual Ground Grave

Markers (Click to see Markers)
To dignify and show everlasting respect, a variety of ground markers can be purchased. Markers are available in Granite, Marble, Bronze, or Special Cement. Markers can range in different sizes from individual or custom design. Special emblems can be added to enhance the marker of many different cataloged emblems or for the Fraternal Association Emblems, Military Emblems, or Religious Symbols.


Choose from a variety of Cremation Niche sites available, remains are placed in Urn of your choice and can be placed in a Mausoleum Crypt or a Wall Niche Inside or Outside, Urn behind Glass Niche, or the Open Outside Plaza. Each niche has its own beauty and characteristic. The Urn can also be placed in a Lawn Crypt and for most with a Marker to memorialize the site.


Rose Outside Niche

Rose Outside Niches

Sunrise Inside Niches

Plaza Flag

Close-up of Plaza Cremations



Mausoleum (Click to see Mausoleum)
Our selection of inside or outside concrete Crypts with Granite or Marble front coverage in which the caskets are stored. A Mausoleum Crypt offers secure protection, in clean and dry space, and the casket does not come in contact with the earth.

Front of Mausoleum